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Multipick produces its tools as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of professional opening technology directly in the beautiful city of Bonn, Germany.

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Multipick 6-pin Dimple / Euro profile combination training lock set

The perfect combination of a Euro profile cylinder and a Dimple cylinder – unique and only from Multipick

Something that was impossible for most a while back is now becoming a reality: Controlled practice to overcome the difficulties of a Dimple cylinder and a Euro profile cylinder. Thanks to the modular structure and side slots, our training locks are perfect for educating yourself how to pick difficult cylinder locks, such as dimple and euro profile locks. This is the perfect training tool for lockpicking at home and at work.

Dimple or Euro profile? – Both!

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Just enter the coupon code at the end of the checkout process and 10% will be automatically deducted from your invoice total.

The right accessories?

We offer a wide range of accessories for our products. Among other things, we show you examples here, and much more is of course available in our online store.

ELITE G-PRO Dimple Lock Pick Starter Kit

Multipick ELITE G-PRO Starter Kit – High-End Dimple Flag Picks for Professional Use
Our smallest G-PRO set allows ambitious users to enter the professional sector in a way that is cost-effective but doesn’t limit future extension options.

The set contains the 5 most important dimple pick tips, 2 handles with a quick-tip-change feature, and replacement screws with Allen keys. The set is completed by 2 matching cylinder core tensioners, so you can get started immediately on any dimple-pin locks that you may encounter.

The large, genuine leather G-PRO pick set roll-up case allows professional pickers to keep all their options open when they would like to extend their range of equipment.

As befits professional tools, all components such as handles, pick blades, cases and other spare parts can be ordered separately.

Multipick provides up to 30 years ELITE warranty for proper use.

Centurion Aluminium Standard – High-tech Cylinder holder

The Centurion is a new, enhanced product from the ©Multipick brand and is manufactured with the latest CNC milling machines using high-quality aircraft aluminum. The Centurion is “the” next generation high-tech cylinder holder. The brilliant design combined with a high-quality surface makes the Centurion always look outstanding. The elegant and massive base of the solid milled foot provides a secure and firm footing. The small rubber studs on the base of the Centurion secures it against slipping on virtually all surfaces during picking. However, in the event of extreme “pick attacks”, the supplied table clamp can prevent the Centurion from slipping. The newly milled cylinder mount is milled perfectly to fit all Euro profile cylinders and demonstrates only minimal play. In addition, the cylinder is secured on the top by a knurled screw which completely eliminates slipping and allows you to concentrate fully on the cylinder and its opening.