Multipick pull screws

You use pull screws, but have never tried our V-PRO?

That's something we'd like to change.

Multipick Zugschrauben
Multipick Zugschrauben
Multipick Zugschrauben

We believe that there are products that you simply have to try out. That includes our V-PRO extraction screws. Therefore, we would like to offer you our screws at no cost for testing. We will gladly send you six of our V-PRO pull screws (two screws of each size + SIT bit) and you can calmly test the quality and performance.

You don't have to pay for the screws and shipping costs, we'll cover that for you.

As a gratitude for testing our V-PRO screws, we have something special for you. If the quality of our V-PRO screws has convinced you, then you can enjoy real savings on your next screw purchase. Your test order will include a voucher for a 20% discount on your next screw purchase, which you can redeem at any time.

Lire la vidéo

You can also check out the video on our pull screws on our YouTube channel (with English and Spanish subtitles).

Multipick Zugschrauben
Multipick Zugschrauben
Multipick Zugschrauben

The convincing advantages of the new V-PRO extraction screws

You don’t need any lubricant. Our screw features a coating that contains this property. If additional lubrication is used, it can lead to the shavings being clumped together which could prevent its removal.

One-handed insertion without using the Screwfix bit adapter! Whether by hand or with a cordless screwdriver, you always have the perfect rotation accuracy due to the patented SIT 20 bit drive (is fully downward compatible with the TORX20).

Optimised thread geometry and screw length! Maximum holding force in any cylinder profile.

Longitudinal groove for better chip evacuation, controlled chip breaking and better advance control.

DELTA SEAL High-tech colour anti-friction coating! The anti-friction coating supports easy threading. Individual colouring for each screw size which also protects against corrosion.

No pre-drilling required (self-tapping)! Easy threading into the cylinder, thanks to a newly-developed drill-bit-tip and the DELTA SEAL anti-friction coating.

Order your FREE Multipick pull screws now

This offer is solely aimed at tradesmen such as locksmiths, key services, authorities and full-service providers. Shipping is only possible within Germany.