The Multipick ARES Opening System transforms your business

A God among lock picking tools

Many tools can often only be used for one type of lock, and you usually need more than just one, as you will encounter many different types of locks when performing your work for customers. With the Multipick ARES Opening System, you have all the options to build the right tool for opening disc detainer locks and/or dimple pin-tumbler locks.

Our ARES is made of high-quality aluminium with an anodised coating and a special steel alloy, which we use in all our products. This ensures that all our tools meet the stringent Multipick quality standard.

Why have many tools when just one is enough?

We offer you four different kits for the perfect, time-saving and also cost-effective opening of dimple cylinders and/or disc detainer locks. Our Multipick ARES Opening System has a modular design and therefore offers a wide range of opening options. You are flexible at the front door and can quickly adjust the required tool to the corresponding lock or cylinder.

Simple unlocking of locks and cylinders

Expandable to various locking systems

High cost-effectiveness due to modular design

Many possibilities of deployment due to interchangeable attachments

Less tools in the case

Modular structure

The basic module offers you the possibility to expand your system modularly. We are selectively working on new extensions, such as new add-ons for the safe opening and new variants for dimple cylinders. You can already find many expansion options in our shop.

Made in Germany, Made in Bonn

Our Multipick ARES Opening System is also manufactured exclusively by us in Bonn by hand, with attention to the smallest detail. We place great value on domestic production and our high standards, which we claim and implement for all our tools.

It is not for nothing that we say Made in Germany, Made in Bonn.

Neat and easy handling

Our Multipick ARES Opening System has been under development for a long time and also offers long-term sustainability due to its design and expandability. Due to its filigree appearance and intelligent scale markings, it is possible to work precisely even in more limited spaces. What initially appeared complicated will quickly turn out to be a revelation and a fascinating thing to behold simultaneously.

To make your task even easier, each set comes with a chart for dimple openers and disc detainer openers. This helps you to find the right pick and the right scale for each cylinder, quickly and easily. You can also find this chart in our download area, where it is regularly updated.

4 Ultimate Tool Kits

For example, with our biggest set you have an extremely wide range of possibilities. Two basic modules and many different scales offer you a set that has never existed before. Even difficult locks and cylinders can now be opened professionally with just a few steps. The all-inclusive set for your next assignment. Simple and practical, saves time and money.

Extensibility on all levels

Variety and expandability instead of stiff tools. At Multipick, we are known for doing things a little bit differently. Before we get into the detailed planning of a tool, we always focus on the benefit and the associated purpose. So we think about how we can make tools even more effective and at the same time more versatile. The focus of many of our tool developments is on the broadest possible range of applications.

Thanks to the modular design of the ARES Opening System, we have succeeded in launching an innovative and unique system capable of offering an unprecedented degree of variability in opening tools.

Our goal is to combine many more opening tools in just a single tool. This has many advantages for you and your company. For example, lower costs with a higher scope of deployment compared to individual tools that can only open one type of cylinder.

Look forward to many more possibilities to expand your ARES system and thus to be able to work even more easily and efficiently.

Multipick ARES - FAQ

A modular opening system that can be used to open a large number of dimple and disc detainer locks. Here, modular means through the exchange of different scales and attachments.

The ARES Opening System replaces or enhances your tool case enormously. Due to its modular design, the system offers a high cost-effectiveness and can be easily extended to different locking systems. The simple unlocking of locks and cylinders is made possible by swapping attachments.

For opening various dimple pin cylinders and disc detainer locks with just a single tool. Many different types of cylinders and locks can be unlocked by simply changing the attachments.

Each set comes with a tool chart in card format. It shows which types of cylinders and locks can be opened. We are constantly expanding this tool chart. This means that you may find that with one of your interchangeable tools you can suddenly open not just three, but ten cylinders.

No problem, thanks to our flexible production we are able to react quickly to any customer request. So if you have a request, just contact us and we’ll happily discuss the details. Call us or send us an e-mail.

It is like dealing with many tools. Experience “at the door” is certainly helpful. It also depends on your skill in handling delicate opening tools. But even if you are a beginner and have never worked with such a tool, you will quickly notice how easily and intuitively the ARES Opening System functions. So don’t lose hope, just try it out.

In fact, all over the world when it comes to opening disc detainer locks. This type of lock can be found all over the world in countless shapes and designs. The dimple lock is widespread in Europe and is used in many doors.

Yes, we are constantly developing the ARES Opening System further and are already in the process of developing additional safe opening attachments and further dimple variants.

Operating instructions for our ARES Opening System can be found here.

Thanks to the modular design, nothing can go wrong. With the supplied hex keys, the corresponding screws can be loosened and the conversion can be done easily by simply swapping the parts.