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If you are creative, have one or more social media channels and already have a small community that follows you, then Multipick is the perfect place for you. Multipick is your reliable partner when it comes to lockpicking and opening tools. With the following application form you can apply to become an Influencer, no matter if you have hundreds or thousands of followers. Exciting products are in store for you, which you can test and showcase in your videos. With Multipick, you can have a permanent partner. You can also benefit from our coverage of thousands of followers all over the world. We look forward to your application. 

Stay in touch with us on Discord

Come, join us on our Discord server so you don't miss any promotions or special events. There you will also have direct contact to our marketing team. You can ask questions, and we will reply and lay the foundation for a fruitful and respectful cooperation.

Deine Anfrage an uns / Your request to us / Solicitud a Multipick

Bitte fülle das Formular aus. Wir melden uns zeitnah bei dir und geben die Bescheid wie es weitergeht. / Please fill and send us the form below. We will get back to you as soon as possible and let you know what happens next. / Por favor, rellene y envíenos el siguiente formulario. Nos pondremos en contacto con usted lo antes posible y le informaremos cómo proceder.

Details of participation

After receiving your application, we will review it and will contact you. This should take no longer than seven working days. If an influencer contract comes to pass, we will discuss in detail which tools you will get from us and how your performance will be rewarded.

So that we can maintain a balanced cooperation, we will publish your videos on our channels as well as links or references pointing to them. On top of that, you are allowed to provide us an excerpt of your video, which will then be published as an Instagram reel, YouTube short and TikTok clip (up to 60 seconds) on Multipick’s channels.

You will receive detailed information in an interactive chat with us. We are looking forward to your application.